I grew up spending my summers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. My time in the Tetons, surrounded by jagged peaks and abundant wildlife, cultivated not only my love for nature at a very young age, but also the desire to capture it. My HOPE is that all my work, will serve to break the spell that in some measure rests on us all--that of a blasé disposition in regard to this astonishing and (at the risk of being misunderstood) magical world we call home. A place in many senses too beautiful to be real, except that it is.  

The majority of Jake's career has focused on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem where he is always working on exciting photography projects in collaboration with agencies such as USGS and Yellowstone National Park. His most recent work on unique behaviors of grizzlies, has been featured in various publications, including a recent book on Yellowstone grizzlies. Among Jake’s recent awards, his work has hung on the walls of the Smithsonian in the Exhibition of Nature's Best Photography. His photography is sold in the National Parks and all over the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Visit his website, Revealed in Nature, and discover more about his photography workshops, awards, books and more!

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