We love our work, we love nature, and we love using our gifts to bless others. Ahava River designs are released into the world from our headquarters in the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Just like a river flowing from the tip of a mountaintop down to the sea, bringing life and refreshment to all along it’s journey, our hope is that the products we create find their way into the hearts and hands of people who are blessed by them. That words which bring life, light, and hope would be written in our cards. That our pearls would help girls and women around the world remember they are beautiful, unique, and valued. That our books and interactive journals would bring peace, encouragement, and inspiration to those who receive them and that everything we carry helps you take a little bit of love and life home with you!

Our greeting card lines and inspiring life coaching books are being sold in gift shops, bookstores, national parks and resort towns all over the United States. Everyone who purchases an Ahava River product participates in our mission of giving love and bringing life …and together we are making the world a better place.


Christina first founded Ocean Star Gifts in 2005 with her popular Sand Writing Greeting Cards. They are now sold in beach communities from Maine down to Florida, Sandals Resorts in the Caribbean, Texas, California up to Oregon and a sprinkling in between. In 2011 she moved her business to Colorado to pursue her dream of creating a unique business model that would give back to the community. During that transition she decided to expand her greeting card line to include more than just ocean related products, and that decision propelled her to come up with a new name that would reflect the current identity and mission of the business. Ahava River was then introduced to the world. 
In January of 215, Revealed in Nature greeting cards premiered at the Rocky Mountain Gift Show in Denver and soon became a popular choice for mountain resorts and national parks. Jake Davis, the photographer, leads photography tours and workshops in WY and MT from May until November, then spends the winter months in Aspen, CO.

In addition to our work, we are passionate about giving back. Throughout the year we work with young women from our community, teaching them how to live a "whole" life, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, relationally, and physically. The Ahava River messages is this…that every girl from every community has value and can become an entrepreneur of her own dreams. We hire girls from our community to support Ahava River’s operations which gives them practical business knowledge hands-on experience, and a philanthropic mindset.

CIO-Chief Inspiration Officer
Designer: Ocean Star Sand Writing greeting cards
Author: All of our Life Coaching Books and Mentoring Programs

CPO-Chief Photography Officer
Photographer: Revealed in Nature greeting card line!
Visit the official website for Revealed in Nature photography by Jake Davis.
Wildlife photography. Nature scenes. Beautiful Images!
Prints. Metal. Canvas. Home Decor. Photo Adventure Tours

Jake spends most of his time in the wild outdoors. His time there, surrounded by jagged peaks and abundant wildlife, cultivated not only his love for nature at a very young age but also the desire to capture it. Through photography he hopes to instill a sense of wonder for the wild in others.